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MBA in Hospitality Management

Master Hospitality Management in strategic MBA program for tech leadership

Amity University Amity University
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An MBA in hospitality management offers numerous benefits for individuals aiming to advance their careers in the vibrant hospitality industry. From mending management skills to mastering excellent customer service, this master's degree in hotel management provides individuals with the knowledge and expertise needed to succeed in various roles within the hospitality sector.

Pursuing an MBA in hospitality management gives advantages to individuals looking to excel in the hospitality industry. With many career opportunities, a comprehensive curriculum, hands-on learning experiences, internship opportunities, and networking, this master's degree in MBA in hospitality management prepares graduates to thrive in the dynamic and rewarding field of hospitality management.

Overview of MBA in Hospitality Management:

  • An MBA in hospitality management provides a strong understanding of fundamental business principles essential for success in the hospitality industry.
  • Focus on hospitality management, covering areas such as hotel operations, food and beverage management, and revenue management, to name a few, in this MBA in hospitality management program.
  • Students learn to create and implement strategic plans to drive business growth, enhance guest satisfaction, and stay competitive.
  • In this MBA in hospitality management program, you will experience practical learning about hospitality environments and help students build industry connections.
  • Master's degree in hotel management will end with a capstone project or thesis, where students apply their knowledge and skills to address significant challenges or opportunities in the hospitality industry.

Course Highlight:

  • Our online MBA program in Hospitality Management covers all aspects of the industry, including hotel management, event planning, F&B operations, and guest services.
  • We teach live case studies into the curriculum to practically apply theoretical concepts.
  • Experienced professionals lead our MBA in hospitality management programs; our faculty offers complete guidance and mentorship.
  • Internship opportunities provide hands-on experience in hospitality settings, fostering industry connections and practical skill application, which are a plus in this master's degree in hotel management program.

Benefits of MBA in Hospitality Management:

  • An MBA in Hospitality Management provides specialized skills for hotel manager and resort director roles.
  • It equips individuals to excel in global hospitality settings.
  • The program focuses on industry-specific challenges.
  • Graduates demonstrate expertise for higher earning potential in management roles.

Professional Profiles:

  • Hotel Manager
  • Food and Beverage Manager
  • Finance Manager
  • Restaurant Manager
  • Travel Agent
  • Casino Manager
  • Healthcare Finance Manager


  • Graduation in any discipline with 40% marks in the last qualifying examination.
  • A test is conducted below 40% marks, and if passed, the student is eligible for admission.
  • Applicants must have sufficient knowledge and understanding of the English Language.

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To name a few, graduates can pursue various managerial and executive roles in the hospitality industry, such as hotel manager, resort director, and more, post this master's degree in hotel management.

Many MBA programs offer internship opportunities or industry projects as part of the curriculum, allowing students to gain practical experience and build industry connections.

An MBA in Hospitality Management helps individuals with the knowledge, skills, and practical learning needed to pursue leadership roles and advance their careers in the hospitality industry.