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MBA in Human Resource Management

Master Human Resource Management in strategic MBA program for tech leadership

Manipal University Manipal University
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If you are the one passionate about people, can handle emotions and yet keep the boat sailing then an MBA in Human Resource Management is ideal for you. Online MBA in Human Resource Management is a 2-year professional program which aims at upskilling Human Resource professionals with latest updates in the field.

MBA in Human Resource management will provide learners’ with a comprehensive understanding of performance management and appraisal, HR analytics, talent management Etc.,

Course Overview

  • This course, Online MBA in Human Resource Management will provide you with basic understanding on concepts such as accounting, economics, marketing and management.
  • Introduction to the key functions of HR like recruitment, selection, retirement, employee relations Etc., will be dealt with
  • Doing online MBA in human resource management provides you with in depth understandingof recruitment strategies, talent identification, strategies for retaining and developing employees.
  • Understanding legal aspect of employee relations, conflict resolution and maintaining positive atmosphere at the workplace.
  • Work on encouraging employee engagement, motivating them and creating a productive workplace.

Course Highlights

  • The online MBA programs offered by Manipal University are at par with on-campus degrees and open doors to better placement opportunities.
  • On doing MBA in human resource management explore the use of data analytics and technology in HR decision making, including Human Resource Information System (HRIS) .
  • MBA in Human Resource Management will get you equipped with key skills required for embracing leadership roles.
  • Work on designing and administering compensation and packages to attract, retain and motivate employees
  • In this course, Online MBA in Human Resource Management, analyse real-world case studies and engage in practical applications.
  • The online MBA program by Manipal University Jaipur is recognized by UGC, ensuring that the degree has credibility and acceptance nationally and internationally.
  • The program offers a holistic understanding of human resource concepts which can lead to better job opportunities in the field.


  • Demand for MBA in Human Resource Management is increasing at a steady rate.
  • MBA in Human Resource Management will help one develop a strong communication and conflict resolution skills fostering a harmonious work environment.
  • Experience personal growth along with organisational growth through challenges and learning opportunities presented in the diverse field of MBA in Human Resource Management.
  • Connect with industry professionals, alumni and experts through workshops, guest lectures and expand your professional network.
  • Online MBA in Human Resource Management is a flexible option of completing post graduation especially for working professionals as they can study at their own pace.

Professional Profiles post Online MBA in Human Resource Management

  • Talent Management Specialist
  • Succession Planning Manager
  • HR Analytics Manager
  • HR Compliance Manager
  • Performance Management Specialist
  • Labor Relations Specialist


  • If you are interested in maintaining human relations and exploring the intricacies of the same in workplace this course is best-suited for you.
  • Having good communication skills and confidence can be a plus.
  • For doing Online MBA in Human Resource Management at Manipal University requires you to have qualified 10+2 and 3 year degree from a University recognized in India
  • Candidates must have an aggregate of 50% or more in their graduation.
  • 1-year work experience from a reputed organisation is mandatory.

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    1. What is an Online MBA in Human Resource Management?
  • MBA in Human Resource Management is a 2 year post graduation program which focuses on the study of recruiting and managing employees for a particular job.

  • 2. Duration of Online MBA in HR management
  • It generally takes 2 years to complete an Online MBA in Human Resource Management. Completion of course in due time is subject to students’ qualification of exams.

  • 3. What topics are covered in Online MBA in Human Resource Management?
  • Corporate Communication, Managerial Economics, Business leadership, performance Management, International HRM, HR analytics are the major areas which will be taught along with a capstone project.

  • 4. Can I pursue an online Human resource management MBA program while working full-time?
  • Yes, many online MBA programs in Human Resource management offer flexible learning options that allow students to study at their own pace.