An MBA in Business Analytics is like a strategic game of chess. Making the next move is crucial for winning the game, A single move can cost you the game. Grasp the game knowledge, predict the opponent’s moves, and make strategies to win it. Identical to the Business Analytics industry. Predict the future by analyzing the business data, Every business has a story - A Business Analyst reads the past data story to anticipate and solve upcoming business problems. 1 decision can make or break the business's future. MBA in business analytics will guide students to make those decisions. Each move should be calculated by both a business analyst and a chess player. The player to thrive and reach the grandmaster title needs chess lessons and to be a successful business analyst you need great MBA business analytics coaching.


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In the Chessboard a king is the leader, similarly in the business analytics industry the business analyst is the strategic leader who carefully plans and makes the decision. The leader in the business sets the direction and vision to take the organization to new heights. In chess, positioning the pieces in the right place is important, In business analytics the analysts position the company on the path to success by analyzing the data, and taking the right next move is crucial.

The king guides and protects his piece by getting killed, the same way in business, business analysts guide business by analyzing the data and protecting it from future risks.

The 2-year MBA course for future business analysts is focused on teaching core business principles with a specialization in Business Analytics. Business analytics MBA course provides students with decision-making skills about the organization by looking into previous data and strategically positioning the company. Developing leadership qualities in upcoming business analysts and taking the business to success will be taught within this MBA course.

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In business analytics, data is supreme, as in the board queen has unmatched power and potential. With the help of data, the analysts can harness the full potential of the business and also know the upcoming risks which can affect the organization. The business analyst's (BA’s) role is to solve business problems by studying the previous data and by digging up all past data that can be used to take the next step for the business. Business Analysts make future strategies for the business based on historical data.

The MBA in Business Analytics course teaches students to work on the data. Upcoming business analysts will be taught to harness the power of data and get all valuable insights required for the organization. Once the MBA students are thorough with utilizing the data they can identify the trends and use it for their betterment. In the game, never sacrifice the queen and fully utilize the queen's power. Similarly, the business analysts should make the utmost use of data to make informed decisions and attain a competitive edge in the market. In 2 years the students of MBA in business analytics will be trained to manage all kinds of challenges hands on.

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In the game of chess, rook is the backbone of the game by staging in the corner of the board. In the business sector, the business analyst commands the business by mastering the tools and techniques taught in the MBA in Business Analytics course to get useful data for the business. The business analyst needs to know techniques to manage, strategies, and utilize the vast data. The way the rook moves horizontally and vertically clearing pieces in the path, the business analysts must similarly clear unneeded data and only retain essential data to foresee.

Doing Business Analytics, a business analyst will get in-depth insights into data mining, data visualization, machine learning, data warehousing, data management, and filtering the data which are the techniques and tools that will be trained with to get valuable data. In the 2 years of the MBA in Business Analytics course, aspiring business analysts will be guided in clearing up unwanted data and utilizing the necessary data.

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As the bishop moves diagonally navigating the board, the business analyst needs to navigate the complex challenges and solve the present and upcoming business problems. The Business analysts should pilot a path to lead the business out of its problems. By doing an MBA in Business Analytics, a business analyst learns to look from different and unique perspectives at problems and come up with an innovative yet effective solution.

MBA graduates gain creative thinking skills so they can navigate through problems by looking at the data and coming up with creative problem-solving abilities that will be taught to ambitious business analyst candidates in the business. The budding business analysts will learn to examine the problems from different angles which helps the business analyst to raise the problem and solve it effectively in a business analytics program. Strategically planning and examining the problems will help aspiring business analysts to come up with innovative solutions, 2 years MBA in business analytics program is dedicated to making students thorough with navigating skills.

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Knight is the only key that can move swiftly on the board in the shape of L. The way a knight moves in any direction the analyst needs to learn both technical and soft skills. In the business analytics program, Technical and soft skills both need to be used in collecting the data and implementing it into solving the issues and managing the risk. Only taking out the data cannot help the business thrive. The way Knight pivots after 2 steps likewise a business analyst needs to be adaptable to pivot if needed

The business analysts and the business should be flexible and responsive, The Business Analysts need to be ready to adapt to market trends and pivot effectively for the well-being of the business. The business analytics MBA students will be taught to seize the opportunity and adapt to it so the company can be a step ahead of its competitors. Adapting to upcoming trends, taking the necessary steps, and shifting direction at the right time are capabilities a business analyst should have.

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Pawns are the 1st layer of the game and 8 pawns clear the path for other pieces, taking one step at a time - similarly, after analyzing the business, the analysts need to try to solve 1 problem at a time and pave the way for the business to grow. Aspiring business analysts need to focus on the end game and not on small victories.

MBA in business analytics course, the aspiring business analysts will be through risk management and solving problems effectively, Minimizing the risk for the business to grow rapidly, and executing the move based on the data.


The MBA students can take Business analytics lectures from the comfort of their homes, with the help of the internet students can access coursework/lectures from anywhere at any time according to their convenience. The MBA in business analytics students here can only attend the lectures during the university's scheduled time, in this on-person, face-to-face teaching method students and teachers have to work on the rigid schedule prescribed by the university.
Taking up an MBA in business analytics online at a reputed university costs less than the traditional form of learning. This helps MBA students to tackle money problems. The admission cost for offline MBA classes at a reputed university is higher than online MBA in business analytics. This includes other miscellaneous expenses.


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Checkmate in chess indicates winning the game, The Business Analysts can make the organization successful by taking the necessary steps. The MBA candidate having all the skills of chess pieces can help you win the game and also thrive in the business sector. Pursuing an MBA in Business Analytics is not just a degree it helps students to analyze the data and make the strategic next move similar to the game of chess. Successful business analysts will understand, predict, and adapt to the latest trends is crucial in the evolving business sector. Carefully planning your business strategies by reviewing and applying past data of the business is the key to reaching new heights in the field of Business Analytics. To succeed in business, Business Analytics graduates need to capture, analyze, and create something out of the historical data of the business.