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MBA in International Business

Master International Business in strategic MBA program for tech leadership

Manipal University Manipal University
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If you are interested in visualising a world map as a chess board and then take strategic business decisions the MBA in International Business is the perfect fit for you. MBA in International Business is a 2-year post graduation degree designed to impart knowledge about foreign policies, trades, foreign investments, export management and forex risk management. MBA IB helps students learn about developing business across different countries and expand business across foreign markets.

Course Overview

  • You will understand the dynamics of the global marketplace.
  • You will learn about international marketing, management of multinational corporations.
  • You will develop a keen understanding of foreign trade, global logistics and distribution management.
  • You will be taught on utilising data analytics and business intelligence tools to make Informed decisions.
  • Apply all the theoretical knowledge into a capstone project.

Course Highlights

  • Learn to manage diverse teams and understand different cultural nuances essential for successful global business operations.
  • Candidate with a degree of MBA in International Business can choose to work abroad and earn handsome salaries.
  • Learn to manage scenarios in the international market and manage them effectively.
  • With rise in global trade and business students with an MBA in International Business can score high in terms of career prospects.
  • This course will require you to increase your language and cultural proficiency.


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