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MBA in Human Resource Management and Finance

Master Human Resource Management and Finance in strategic MBA program for tech leadership

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This two-year online MBA in HR and Finance is created for people who want to advance their careers to managerial and strategic positions in the finance department of HR. It's designed to meet the needs of today's industries.

Course Overview

Since HR and Finance, ability to work together and understand each other's functions can be critical to an organization, this dual specialization MBA in HR and Finance caters to building core skills in people management, finance, and managerial decision-making. After completing the Masters in Human Resource Management and Finance, learners can join companies in FinTech, Banking, Financial Services, Insurance, Capital Markets, Regulatory Agencies, Consultancies, and EdTech sectors.

Course Highlights

  • In this online MBA in HR and Finance degree, learn about advanced topics like HR metrics and analytics, finance analytics, and reporting.
  • Understand two important business areas well to achieve better outcomes.
  • Develop skills in communication, analytical thinking, and working with people with this online MBA in HR and Finance degree.
  • Suggest solutions by studying real-life situations for your thesis.


  • Learn about both managing people and handling money.
  • An MBA in HR and Finance will teach how to find and take care of employees.
  • Understand how to make smart money decisions and use financial data.
  • Know how to manage risks in both HRM and finance.
  • Improve how you talk to others, which helps in both managing people and money matters with an online MBA in HR and Finance.
  • With skills in both areas, you'll have more options for different kinds of jobs.

  • Professional Profiles

    • Talent Acquisition Manager
    • Change Expert/Consultant
    • Staffing Director
    • Bank Manager
    • Human Resource Entrepreneur
    • Technical Recruiter
    • Relationship Manager


    • You must have completed a Bachelor's degree from a university recognized by the UGC.
    • You should have achieved at least 50% overall or a similar grade. If you belong to the SC/ST category, you'll get a 5% relaxation in this requirement.
    • If you're in the final semester of your Bachelor's Program, you are eligible for the Online MBA in HR and Finance program.

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      1.What is an MBA in HR and Finance?
    • An MBA in HR and Finance is a special program that teaches both how to manage people and how to handle money in a business.

    • 2. What jobs can I get after doing an MBA in HR and Finance?
    • After finishing this Program, you can work in jobs like HR manager, financial analyst, HR consultant, financial planner, or other roles that need skills in both managing people and finances.

    • 3. What will I learn in an MBA in HR and Finance program?
    • You'll learn about managing employees, how businesses handle money, how to analyze finances, and how to plan for the financial future of a company.