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MBA in Information Technology Management

Master Information Technology Management in strategic MBA program for tech leadership

Amity University Amity University
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MBA in IT, a 2-year program, blends business and information systems. It integrates modern concepts like information security and project management. Admissions are open; check eligibility to apply.

An IT MBA offers many job opportunities in India because the country's IT sector is booming, and industries are transforming digitally. This degree can lead to various career options in the IT field. The career prospects with an MBA in IT are bright for those who come with their expertise, sound business knowledge, and understanding of how technology can help businesses.

Course Overview

  • An MBA in IT helps businesses stay updated with tech changes.
  • It teaches IT skills and management abilities.
  • Prepares students for offline and online business management in this MBA in Information Technology program.
  • This MBA in IT covers managing technology and business.
  • Topics include computer use, IT system management, databases, and tech management.
  • This MBA in IT program is ideal for those interested in internet-heavy industries.

Course Highlights

  • Students can talk with the company's team and influential people to learn more.
  • They can understand how things are done in different places and cultures.
  • The program takes students to meet influential people and visit big companies, factories, and other sites.
  • Students learn by doing activities that help them build trust and solve problems.


  • An MBA in IT helps you understand finance, strategy, economics, accounting, and other essential topics for business.
  • Combining an MBA with tech knowledge opens up many job opportunities worldwide.
  • You can work in public and commercial sectors with an MBA in IT.
  • Mastering these skills helps you tackle challenges at work.

Professional profiles post online MBA in Information Technology:

  • Project Manager
  • IT Manager
  • Business Analyst
  • IT Director
  • Database Administrator
  • Software Engineer

Eligibility for MBA in Information Technology:

  • Graduation in any discipline with 40% marks in the last qualifying examination.
  • A test is conducted below 40% marks; if passed, the student is eligible for admission.
  • Applicants must possess sufficient knowledge and understanding of the English Language.

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    1. What is an MBA in Information Technology?
  • MBA in IT is a two-year program for people wanting to learn about business and information systems. It helps students understand how to use modern ideas like information security, project management, and telecommunications in business strategies.
  • 2. Is there scope for an MBA in IT?
  • After completing an MBA, graduates can pursue various career paths, such as Business Analyst, IT Management Consultant, Digital Leader, IT Architect, Data Processing Manager, Systems Software Manager, and Product Manager. These roles offer average salaries ranging from ₹3 to 12 lakhs per year.
  • 3.Is an MBA in Information Technology worth it?
  • Getting an MBA in Information System Management is a great option to boost your IT career. It helps you prepare for various positions, from entry-level to mid-level and even higher positions, given that you have the necessary experience and skills.