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Thrive in a nimble working environment

People First

Our success is fueled by our exceptional team – a group of intelligent, dynamic, enthusiastic, and diligent individuals.

Achieve Excellence

Our commitment to continuous improvement and a never-give-up attitude propels us towards becoming an exceptional organization.

Act Different

We embrace the unconventional journey. Call us cool, weird, unusual, or even a Unicorn – we take pride in being distinct!

Trust and Transparent

Mutual trust and transparent communication foster seamless collaboration. We prioritize honesty and fairness in all our interactions.

Clear Approach

A clear approach is a key driver of excellence and innovation, guiding our path towards success.

Sense of Urgency

A sense of urgency propels our efficiency, enabling us to accomplish a great deal within a short timeframe.

In Search of Job?

Explore exciting opportunities at Course Connect for those aspiring to build a career in the EdTech industry. Join one of Bengaluru's fastest-growing companies and thrive in a dynamic, motivating, meritocratic, and collaborative environment. Check out our current openings and be part of the success story.